Actual Records is revving up their engines after a few daylight resting hours. Last night's first Twurkaholics show of 2014 had a stacked lineup, and the Actual artists killed it at the TLA as usual. Oddzilla released their new CD at the party, dirty as fuck. And I know, right? People still release CDs. In Philly, we do everything. It was jam-packed with talent from beginning to end.

The headliner was none other than Brighton, UK-based bass artist Hucci. Ollie is a master of the trap, and he just ran it all over the United States for the first time ever. A mere 18 years of age, finally of legal age to over the globe now break bread. His trap music has molded with the times, and he has proven himself innovative in the most played out, beat repeated genres within this electronic scene.

While the word around town has been that trap music is dead, UZ and Hucci seem to have this Jew believing in resurrection, even if only in this particular context. Ollie O'Neill, risen from the ashes of UK dubstep a bass Phoenix, spreading his wings and flying over the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Ominous tones and trill and swerve and swag, my favorite type of swag - white boy suburb swag. This one kicks it wit a gangsta lean tho, adding extra flex to his repertoire.

Ask anyone who was at the show last night. Unfortunately, I only caught Ollie, Ozzie, and manager hanging from a hammock and wrestling with puppies. They are loving their travels thus far, and their faces were sporting genuine smiles. It sounds strange, but this just is our life. Peace, love, happiness, and a fuckton of bass.

The twurk crew always throws down for their homies. So the First Lady of Actual Records and myself, along with the Actual team, are rolling squad deep to the Big Apple.  We will be raging till long after the sun comes up in the city that never sleeps, so come get some. And then get more. And then get pancaked.

Game. Blouses.

Mercury is in retrograde, so let's get weird. With supporting sets from Aaron Ruxbin (hopefully he will drop my favorite track of one of my favorite albums, which I found for him on vinyl and am bringing to NYC. ACROSS THE SEA PLS!!), BHB, Cobra Krames, Skittsnygg, and my personal favorite Ethan Dubb. Of course, Ozzie and Hucci at the top of this Twurkaholics bill at Gramercy Theater, that is sure to be a K.O. Grab your tickets to tonight's show ASAP.