We're back with another late-night edition of the tunes you might have slept-on this past week. Kind of remix/bootleg heavy if you ask us, but you need a bit of diversity. Earlier this week, someone made mention of not wanting to go to a party with "doandroidsdance-type people" at it. Not sure what that meant - assholes? People who like good music? Who knows. We have a feeling it was an "EDM" dig, but if you judge us by the few "mainstream dance music" posts we have up, and not by posts like this - which showcase our vast knowledge and love for the sound - you're playing yourself. Not too many electronic music sites can sort a banging playlist that featured music from Traxman, Cobra Krames, Banginclude, Austin Millz, Slagz, xKore, and many more. We're talking 19 tracks, ~82 minutes of bangers you probably aren't up on. You're welcome.