Earlier tonight, UK producer DECiBEL alerted me to the situation going down at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, which was housing a Hardwell show. Many are hearing reports that 60 people were being taken to the hospital over a bad batch of pills. While the numbers of those who are stricken ill seem to vary from site to site, the BBC is reporting that while there were no serious injuries, dozens of people (or fourteen, depending on who you're sourcing) were taken to two hospitals to be treated for drugs and alcohol, with many of those people arriving to the venue intoxicated.

The term given to this event is that of being a "major incident," based on "the number of resources we had to deploy to the scene." Apparently some of them got to the venue and weren't allowed to enter the Arena. One concertgoer told the BBC that you "[e]verywhere you looked, you were guaranteed to see someone who was ill or on their way. One of the guys in particular I saw was sitting in his own vomit against a wall and struggling to keep his eyes straight."

While much of the BBC article seems to focus on the effects of alcohol on patrons, one picture we saw (that has since been deleted) showed two bottles of alcohol with four baggies of an unknown substance in front of them. While this hasn't been confirmed, Gigwise mentioned that Twitter is saying there were drug dealers at the event, so who knows what drugs would be given to people at the venue. Here is the official statement from the Odyssey Arena:

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