When musicians I trust consistently push and praise the work of another, it's amazing.   But I've hopped in a car with my homie Space Jesus multiple times, and his go-to (when he's done playing me new things he's working on, of course) is Ohio beatsmith Yheti.  It's music for musicians, and his style is insane.  There are juke vibes and the low end is undeniably influenced by trap.  But everything else is off the grid and completely unique.

Yheti would have been on my list of 50 producers under 5000 followers, but he's a few hundred over the limit.  This is electronic music built for anyone that's bored with electronic music, and the stuff that I love listening to when I get done supplying these internets.  One of the tunes below links to a Bandcamp release that's free, and another will require you to read the description for an alternate download link.  I promise everything is downloadable though, and there's tons more on his page if you like these selections.