As an artist, reposting tunes that you didn't make is the dumbest move ever. People are swimming through random records to find your stuff, and it's annoying. If you give an outlet permission to post your tunes on their SoundCloud page, hit the repost button and keep it moving so we know everything on your page is yours.


Jarreau Vandal is one of the few artists that actually gets it. On top of the work that he's hosted himself, Jarreau Vandal has done a great job of reposting his own work that was hosted by Soulection and other platforms, and there's more than a dozen of his tunes and mixes all in one convenient location. His "Buggin' In My Bedroom" bootleg is his latest offering, and was handed to a small Dutch outlet named Vunzige Deuntjes. His style is funky and sexy, and grips your heart with original drum work and crazy melodies. It's unique music, and it's composed marvelously. Some of the tunes below require you to like his Facebook page if you want to download, but everything is free.