Savvy social media company PeerIndex compiled a list of New York's most influential tweeters, which they based off a special set of algorithms known as "Apple π." Their findings came from a 30-day period that ended February 24, and only included interactions that were made within the state of New York. Their conclusion? French Montana may be more influential than you think.

The South Bronx rapper comes in at No. 6, which makes him the most influential rapper on the list. He's followed by Nas, who lands at No. 8, and Action Bronson, who rounds out the top 10. 


Other artists that made the list include Lana Del Rey (No. 14), Alicia Keys (No. 27), Talib Kweli (No. 31), and, wait for it...Lil Kim, at No. 45. They may need to check that algorithm again. View the full list of the top 50 here.

[via NY Mag]

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