These days, when dance music producers cross SoundCloud and Facebook milestones, most fans are pretty much guaranteed some kind of freebie. Be it an unreleased dubplate or a brand new mix, you can assume that if there's a nice round number of likes and/or followers, you'll get something. Flux Pavilion recently hit two million likes on Facebook, and what'd we get? A preview of a new tune of his, forthcoming on the next Circus Records compilation, Grand Central. No, it's not free. That's OK, though, because we have a feeling those of you who are destined to do all kinds of jumping up in the rave will be about this one. This isn't the gritty bass music that Flux cut his teeth on; this is full on EDM anthem status. Both sides of the Atlantic will be going nuts when a DJ drops this one.

Grand Central will be released on March 24.