Complex Individuals on Complex TV explores all of the random questions you never thought to ask your favorite artists, from the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants. 

Dumbfoundead—Koreatown, L.A.'s finestsays on this episode of Complex Individuals that one of the biggest risks he ever took was inside an insurance office. Ironic, don't you think? "I had sex at my job at an insurance company because my girl was working with me. We were co-workers, and my boss was gone," he says. "We actually like locked the door and had sex in the office. That shit was a pretty big risk because that fool could have came in anytime. Shout out to Farmers Insurance."

Dumb spent the early part of his career embarrassing others in rap battles, but at least one time, the tables got turned. According to the rapper, his most embarrassing moment was when his friends walked in and caught him..watching a rom-com. "I was on Netflix watching like the weakest romantic comedy," Dumbfoundead admits. "Like they have the B-level romantic comedies, and I was watching one of those. They were like, 'Yo, son, what are you watching?'"

Watch Dumb's full episode above, in which he also discusses the interesting ways his fans in Korea greet him when he arrives on tour. His latest release, Old Boy Jon, is available for purchase here. The project includes "Clear," for which Dumbfoundead shot a video in Seoul, Korea under the alias Parker. Also check out his video for "Brooklyn for a Month," which the prolific, well-travelled MC recorded and shot while renting a room in NYC from fellow artist Awkwafina last summer.

If you enjoyed this episode, watch Cam'ron's recent appearance on Complex Individuals below. The Harlem rapper has a bedroom story that you won't believe.




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