Derek VonScoten (aka D.V.S.*) is among an elite group of artists within the industry of cool and trendy that has always been stripping music of its integrity as an art form, but seems more often than not mass produced and unoriginal in today's technological era. Call me cynical, but I almost forgot what real instruments sounded like.

Almost forgotten, but thanks to artists like D.V.S.*, quickly reminded of Pink Floyd and the Beatles, who shaped my musical identity. A pin prick that popped an EDM bubble I was floating inside of for a few months, allowing the sounds of my past to become relevant again in my present. His music is a testament to the timelessness of music, and the importance of recycling everything that has already been done. It is the only way to create something completely new.

Newness is hard to come by in a modern era. Electricity, the light bulb, the Internet. Velcro and post-its. Patent offices are not flooded with inventors making strides in science and technology. Sham Wow and Snuggies. A fruit chopper and dehydrator. And if you call in the next 30 seconds... Today's inventions are cheap, get rich quick schemes for an apathetic consumer based economy. We are all a bunch of robots, droids lacking emotion and moving very mechanically and monotonously through this thing called life.

The song remains the same according to Led Zeppelin. But we here at DAD are androids that dance, and we know more than just the robot. We are scouring the globe for those rare gems of newness. It is dudes like D.V.S that are splunking deep caverns and working long hours in dark mines to chisel out the most precious of stones, rocking and rolling their way straight into the EDMs.

His latest remix is the Disclosure track featuring London Grammar, "Help Me Lose My Mind." The original is obviously nothing short of perfect, as is most of the music from the young British duo. D.V.S. even colored his face like Disclosure for his track artwork. I thought it a nice touch. Also nice are the soothing vocals intertwined with strings that no doubt were plucked by the fingers of a real life musician. His track moves at 115 BPM, just right Goldilocks-type speed on this one, allowing listeners to bob their head to a funky beat whilst enlisting the chillest of grooves. You can even sit down for this one. Close your eyes for a second. Chill out. Even in the cold polar vortex, the right vibes can transport you to an island in the Caribbean. The nu-disco, slightly tropical flip of this track will allow some escape from the harsh reality of unbearably cold temperatures.

Everyone needs a little help to lose their mind sometimes.