Now...I don't spend much time on here hating on things because it's counterproductive (IMO) and there's just more to life than being mad all the time.  With that said though...I hate Die Antwoord.  The terrible raps, controversial videos (appearing in black face, anyone?), and wanna-be renegade image is all super lame.  Yeah, they're fairly huge and a lot of people love them.  To each their own, honestly.  But when a story breaks that they're working on their new album Donker Mag and the one and only Aphex Twin is involved? Sure, Ninja has a very visible Richard D. James logo on his arm (see image above), but this news has me shocked, curious, flabbergasted, and confused all at once.  I'll give them this, though: this is the first time I'll ever be interested to hear music from them.  Go big or go home right?

(Stoney Roads)