For most of history, the sequels to important works of art have always come after the original. There is no The Empire Strikes Back without a preceding A New Hope. There is no Tha Carter III without Tha Carter II, which itself doesn't exist without Tha Carter. Et cetera.

But Chief Keef is a fucking rebel. And a visionary. And he's living in the future. In this future, sequels come first. Which is why he won't be releasing the long-awaited mixtape-turned-album Bang 3 until after he's released the follow-up, Bang 4.

The rapper tweeted the artwork for Bang 4 today, which suggested it will be an EP leading up to Bang 3. It makes sense because Bang 4 shortens to B4, and this is the EP b4 (that means before, old people) the album:

"Bang4 The EP Bfo B3"

— AlmightySo (@ChiefKeef) February 26, 2014

FakeShoreDrive notes that Back From The Dead 2 is also supposedly coming soon, in addition to another album. And, given the pattern so far, Back From The Deads 3-?? could be coming at any point, too. While some fans might have been confused by the announcement, others praised its visionary nature, leading Keef to respond that it's all part of the plan, more or less:

@HKCOVERS: “@ChiefKeef: "Bang4 The EP Bfo B3"” not chronological at all but this is next lvl 2015 shit”exactly

— AlmightySo (@ChiefKeef) February 27, 2014

There's no telling what the future holds, but, if the past is any indication, the past is no indication at all.

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