"Scott Storch came up with the hell of a groove. He was working in his writing room with a young Philadelphian named Jill Scott. I think we were out of town touring or something. I had to come straight to the studio as soon as we got back, and Scott and Jill were there. They were like, 'Yo, you got to check this out.'

"I listened to the track and I listened to Jill's chorus idea and the rest was history. I wrote the song relatively quickly and we cut it. How we wound up featuring Eve was the same way Eve was on 'Nothing New.' I reached out and said, 'Hey I've got these lyrics. I was going to do it trying to sound like a girl but maybe it'd be cool if you just say it because you're a girl.' And she did the rap. Jill sang the chorus. There was a whole issue at the label with them wanting to use a different singer. We wanted to use Jill, just as the writer for the song. As luck would have it, Erykah Badu wound up doing the performance that won our first Grammy. I don't know, I think it's just a matter of preference. Some people always felt like Jill's performance was better because she had a different take on it. Because she wrote the shit. And there are others who feel like Erykah Badu was the best. The recorded version with Jill never came out. But it was on the live album.

"I drew from life experience but it wasn't a true story the way that true stories are true. It's based on a true story."