"On that song, it was just me and Malik at our desks. It was some miracle gymnastics so to speak. It was an exercise where Malik and I would quietly compete with one another, to see who could come up with the most witty verse in the least amount of time. So that's what we came up with.

"At this point in the game, our albums hadn't really become as conceptual as they are now, so the stuff we'd be rapping about would be more scatological or just easier to come up with quickly without having to overthink it. So that's how we did that record.

"It's something that I miss, I guess. Every artist must evolve. That was the process then, and this is the process now.

"We knew Scott Storch from one of his first studios that we would record in. He was just this kid that would hang out at the studio we recorded Organix in, Nebula Zone, with this engineer named Otto Capobianco. Otto was—he had a green thumb, so to speak. He kept quite a few young musicians hanging out on deck, seeing if there was anything to be had, if they had a chance to partake in the green-ness.

"Scott added keyboards to the formula. Before Scott it was just drums, bass and vocals. Scott brought the sound of the Fender Rhodes into The Roots' picture, so to speak."