Loyalty is a serious thing.  And though Big Makk Mondays could have been a small string of dope records, Big Makk continues to fuck with us and put exclusive fire in my hands.  We're definitely and undoubtedly launching another tune from next week, and I'm hoping that this game changing tune that he's working on gets wrapped in the next couple of weeks.  But let's focus on the now, shall we?

If you checked his offering from last week, he handed us a minimalistic trap tune that truly went off.  This week's record is fundamentally the same, but goes in a completely different direction. In "Tweaked," laid-back drum work is accentuated by a an aggressive synth, and the trap hats take more than a minute to drop in.  He's just sitting back and fucking with people now.  And we love it.  It's a Do Androids Dance exclusive, and is available for download or stream below.