Yesterday, the bass music community was rocked when Benga announced that his "djing career was finished" via a short Facebook update. One of the immediate questions, aside from "does this mean he's going to stop producing as well?" was what would happen to the Skream & Benga show, which has been airing on Friday nights at 11PM on BBC Radio 1 since April of 2012. We did some asking around, and got the following statement from a spokesperson at Radio 1:

"Benga has decided to step down from his Radio 1 show so Skream will continue to present the 11pm Friday night show alone. We wish Benga all the best in his future endeavours."

As of now, Skream hasn't spoken about this, but we imagine a statement from him will be forthcoming. From the looks of it, Benga's reaching an important milestone in his personal life, and is going full force in building his family. We commend him, and love hearing that the BBC Radio 1 program, which has been an important step for many of our favorite genres and producers, will still thrive with Skream at the helm.