We know many of you are on some "dubstep is dead" shit, but recognize impactful news when it hits. Assuming that Benga's Facebook message (and the disappearance of his @iambenga Twitter account, which seems to still be in motion) are correct, he's leaving the music game to start a family:

Now there are a few things to consider here. Similar to how Skream said he's played his last dubstep show, the Internets went on a rampage, claiming that Skream said that dubstep was dead. Benga only said that his "djing career" is "finished." Does that mean he's totally not making music anymore? It's hard to say. Again, he's in a situation where he runs a massive radio show with Skream every Friday. Will we no longer be seeing Benga on Radio 1? If he's in a situation where he's planning a marriage (congrats, by the way), and starting a family, that takes money, so he's either banked a lot of it, or he's still planning on remaining in the music scene while not going through the hectic DJ grind of tour life, which makes sense if he's trying to build a home with his soon-to-be-wife and future family.

Basically, either we're still holding out hope that there will be new Benga material in the near future, or this is it. We've reached out to representatives for Benga and Radio 1 for more clarification, and will update with any new details we hear.