Perhaps the most important question in rap music—if not all of America—so far this year has been this: Why did Young Thug and Bloody Jay call their new mixtape Black Portland? Today, Naomi Zeichner of The FADER got the answer from Jay himself:

“We’re on fire right now in the streets of Atlanta, and we’re stoners, so you know, we’re the Blazers and Atlanta is Black Portland."

"Blazers" in this context, of course, refers to Portland's NBA team the Trail Blazers, a phrase that the Atlanta-area talent manager Propane uses to describe the peculiar styles of Jay and Young Thug.

In framing themselves as Atlanta's version of another culture, Black Portland in a way recalls the imagery of 1017 Brick Squad, be it in OJ Da Juiceman's Alaska in Atlanta or Gucci Mane's Cold War series. In that sense, it's perhaps no shock that Thugger's first big signal boost came from Gucci himself.

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