"My parents listened to the oldies. They were Guyanese so they listened heavily to Soca and Calypso. They were also fans of music like Mariah Carey. My mom was a huge Barry White fan. My dad was into Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, all those old dudes. They played it loud every Sunday morning when they were together. I remember every Sunday morning you would hear the LSG album, [Levert.Sweat.Gill,] when Levert, Sweat, and Gill got together. I was into it because I was forced to listen to it so it kind of grew on me.

"I couldn't even play rap music loudly growing up because of the swearing in it. I remember we put tapes in my dad's car, we would play it and as soon as they came back we would be like, 'Eject that! Eject that!' We couldn't play music with swearing around my parents. They would hate on it so hard. They would say, 'What are they even talking about. Every other word is a swear word, why would you listen to this?' So, headphones definitely came in handy in my house."