Isaiah Rashad: “I was smoking cigarettes outside in the rain at my homie’s house at Murfreesboro. I was having a session, I couldn’t think of nothing, couldn’t catch the vibe, so I went and got a beer. I had a pack of cigarettes so I sat outside, wrote some raps, and I was mad. I wasn’t mad at anything in particular. I just be upset a lot. I be irritated. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in one place, like I’m chained down or something. That’s a pet peeve of mine feeling like some shit ain't going somewhere. It make me want to quit shit. Patience is not my strong point.

'I Shot You Down' and the BET cypher had me come out swinging.

“I didn’t know it was going to be a remix at first. I got surprised at the remix. I don’t have problem with it though. It’s the only song to remix. My other songs were two tracks, so it’s just the vocal and the beat. I was really recording in the closet and we didn’t have any mixing besides Pro Tools, so you can’t really do everything with little-ass speakers.

“‘Shot You Down’ was aggressive enough. That and the BET cypher had me come out swinging. I came out fighting like trying to make my own lane and everything. So ‘Shot You Down’ was just like capitalizing on it. For the people who didn’t hear it, now you have another reason to hear it. That’s all it was just taking it to another place.”