Isaiah Rashad: “I wanna get a vocal coach so I can do more than just rapping. I ain’t trying to be singing but I want to do more than just rap. I just want to be able to not use other people to do harmonies. I got ideas in my head that I don’t think anybody else can do. Or I might be too ashamed to share with somebody without me showing them the end product of it. I want to get better at perfecting my craft of rapping and move on to the other sides of music like production, picking beats, and determining where a feature needs to go.

I’m just as new to you as all this stuff is new to me.

“It went from, 'Who is he?' to now they’re looking for my point of view and my perspective. People want to hear what’s on my mind. But everything's new. Y’all experiencing the shit with me. You can write about the '10 Things You Need To Know' about me, but I don’t even know 10 things you need to know about me yet. I’m just as new to you as all this stuff is new to me.

“I feel like when I asked God to make me successful in rap, he pulled through. I actually asked him that. When you ask the universe for some shit, it really comes to you. But not how you asked for it to come to you. You get exactly what you ask for, so you should be really specific about what you want. You should know what you want before you ask about it. That’s all the shit that happened to me. I asked about the shit when I was 18-19 years old. And, I’m here. But everything, all those situations I went through, put me here.”