Over the course of the two excellent Sunday School mixtapes he's released over the past two years, Chicago rapper/producer Tree has staked a claim to one of contemporary hip-hop's most idiosyncratic sounds. His voice is ragged, his production is warm and his lyrics are always lived-in. Even when it's at its most aggressive or unnerving, there's something comforting and familiar about his music—hence the unique title he gives it, soul trap.

"Like Whoa" is right in that vein, but more and better. Narrating a series of everyday ups and downs punctuated with a few luxury shopping sprees, it's joyous and celebratory. "And you may have flunked your SATs/But the next semester get all Bs," Tree raps at one point, before launching into this feel-good serenade "Let's celebrate, celebrate. You the champ, heavyweight." Play this for your mom, for your cousin that just passed the seventh grade, for your older brother who just got a promotion or your friend who just got fired. This is music to live to.

It's off of Tree's The @MCTREEG EP, which is being released through the Scion A/V label on January 21st. Stay tuned for more soul trap then, and, for now, enjoy "Like Whoa" below:

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