Well, this is something I like to see. A track so cross-genre that the SoundCloud description teases listeners, begging the questions, is it electro or is it trap? Who give a you know what, to be honest? I surely don't. I happen to enjoy both of those worlds, and think it is even better to hear them collide is such a crazy fashion. Midwest producers known as X5IGHT released a remix of Travis Porter's "Make It Rain." It's a little jarring, exciting to say the least. A shock to the senses that leaves a bit of confusion for anyone trying to pin it down as pertaining to a particular genre.

It is 128BPM, sped-up trap drums with electro synth builds and fills that sound as if they're housed in the school of dirty Dutch. The vocal tracks are straight off the modern streets of crappy rap lyrics that somehow sound so much better when chopped and repeated, then layered with electronic music such as this. Listening to this track has me imagining dollar bills raining from the skies, as scantily-clad chicks shake it in their bright colored high heels and tiny trench coats, holding and spinning matching umbrellas. Big red lips saying, Make it Rain. Make it. Make it. Rain. 

It's perfectly all over the place, an awesome display of our modern society, so attentively deficient, and I mean that in the best way possible. It is terrible for our focus and concentration with regard to schoolwork and other areas of supposed success, but when it comes to the dance music world and producing club bangers, this ADD works well. This track is sure to bump in any club, and turn the dance floor into a high end strip club.

Keep them dollars comin. Make it rain.

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