We've already hipped you a bit to Torvvo this week with his inclusion in our "50 Under 5000" feature.  In fact, he was the artist with the lowest current number of followers we included.  I don't really believe that's going to be the case for very long, though.  This young producer from Pittsburgh has locked in on his sound in a hurry and it's everything great about what's cracking off in house music right now.  Typically we like to back up said claims of excellence and I'm not really a big fan of letting people down.  So here's the super thick RMX.Cache.001 EP from him we're dropping EXCLUSIVELY on DAD today.  Seriously, this kid is scary good.

The best thing about this EP is it gives you four glimpses at how well this dude has built a cohesive feel to showing off his versatility.  Everything from pop music to classic industrial to rap on down to flipping warm and fuzzy indie music.  His remix of Cassie's "Me & U" kicks things off and this could very easily be the most remixed pop tune ever in the last 10 years of underground dance music.  Like... it'll never go away at this point.  With that said, Torvvo comes through with something simultaneously as gorgeous as it is tastefully chaotic.   His uptempo clubby experimentation fits in so well here.  The flip of Goblin's "Flashing" gives the golden era industrial favorite an intense techno rub that could set in very well on a Night Slugs release.  Smilez & Southstar's "Tell Me" gets a peak time disco rub that's as banging as it is creative.  Finally, he wraps things up with his remix of Toro Y Moi's "Rose Quartz" that's just blissful and funky as it sits at a 115BPM groove, making this one that's guaranteed to turn out some beach parties this upcoming spring and summer.

Keep up with Torvvo: torvvo.com | Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter