Talk about an unexpected remix. We weren't too surprised when Afrojack grabbed the reins and knocked out his take of Tiesto's latest single. Blame? Different story. For those who aren't up on Blame's history, he's been in the jungle/drum & bass scene since the early 1990s. He's most known for the material he put out on Moving Shadow and Good Looking (as well as being the head of 720 Degrees, which used to be a subsidiary of LTJ Bukem's Good Looking imprint). In the mid-2000s, his sound opened up a bit, with everyone from Metalheadz to Swift's Charge Recordings getting some of Blame's beats off. Oddly enough, he's been pretty silent for the last few years, not putting out much in the way of new material since 2011, but it looks like Tiesto's return to the throne has brought out Blame on the remix duties.

Fans of Blame's earlier work might not be into this, as it's more of the bright, upfront dnb sound that drives main rooms, but the way he rode the melody on this one will surely have the dnb selectors who dig those anthems pulling this one back. It feels a bit early in the year to even be toasting to tunes like this; this remix definitely has us wishing it was summer time right now. PM:AM is set to drop this on February 23. And while we're on the subject of Tiesto, it looks like he's set to take on the Essential Mix next week; this'll be his eighth mix, and his first since 2006.