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Thirstin Howl The 3rd is probably the biggest proponent of rocking polo in rap history, and it's not like there ain't plenty of competition. But it's hard to compete with a dude who in 1988 founded a gang called the "Lo-Lifes" whose stated goal was "accumulation, by any means necessary, of POLO clothes and accessories." He once declared, "Me, wear FUBU? Man listen, that's like the Marlboro Man smoking a Winston."

He also became a respected Brooklyn underground rapper, one who never really came close to crossing over, but had a whole lotta respect, working with pre-superfame Eminem, winning The Source's Unsigned Hype column in '97, and releasing a series of respected rap singles and tapes which always included a photo of his mom's mugshot in the liners. 

He's coming back with a new record this year entitled Survival of the Skillest, and its first single dropped on the first of the year. A collaboration with Tha Liknuts supergroup (The 'Liks and The Beatnuts, obviously) although J-Ro is missing. Tash says something about getting him on bluetooth. Psycho Les holds his own with typical bars about stealing your girl, but best verse has to go to Juju, if only for his couplet "Fly n****, kill em wherever i land though/Fuck your arab money, stick a dick in a camel."