For New York hip-hop fans of a certain era, there may be no venue as iconic as The Tunnel, a massive nightclub on 12th Ave. and 27th Street that hosted a chaotic Sunday night party called Mecca. From 1993 to 2000, the party, headlined by DJs Funkmaster Flex, Cipha Sounds and Big Kap, was, true to its name, the destination for fans of a certain brand of grimy, aggressive New York hip-hop, as well as for the artists making it. Known for its uncompromising playlist of New York staples—as well as its tense atmosphere where fights often broke out—the Tunnel was a unique institution, one whose energy hasn't quite been recreated since.

Luckily, those who miss that era and those who missed out on it will have a chance to witness some of the same magic in New York once again, on Super Bowl weekend. In December, Funkmaster Flex announced that the Tunnel party would be returning on January 31st at a "secret venue." Now, the secret is out:

Tickets for Tunnel party!!! BBkings boxoffice and!! Jan.31!!! We back!!!!!

— Funk Flex !!!!! (@funkflex) January 9, 2014

The venue is B.B. King's, and fans can purchase tickets starting at $25 here. Doors open at 11:30 p.m. on January 31, and the music starts at midnight.

What should visitors expect? Well, to begin with, a major Who's Who of New York hip-hop. According to InFlexWeTrust, the guest list includes the following people:

Mack Wilds
French Montana
Troy Ave
Joey Badass
Busta Rhymes
Smoke DZA
Jim Jones
Joe Budden
Bodega Bams

And while a few added years and a less cavernous venue means that things probably won't get as aggressive as the time a guy in a wheelchair shot himself at the old Tunnel, the vibe will definitely be more Classic New York Hip-Hop than most of those fancy Manhattan clubs. Per InFlexWeTrust: "Dress to impress! No strippers and no bottle service!! No performances. Just party, drink and dance to new Boom Bap all night long."

You've been warned. Get in on the history by heading here for tickets.

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