After an incredible six-year run with Def Jam Records as a songwriter, producer, artist, and A&R, The-Dream has announced today he's leaving the label. He made the announcement through Instagram, posting a picture of the Def Jam logo with the caption, "I will miss this logo. It all started here! Love everything that I achieved there" before giving a play-by-play of his work with the company. Some of his most notable work at Def Jam includes writing credits on Rihanna's mega-hit "Umbrella," as well as his own music, starting with his 2007 debut Lovehate.

Interestingly enough, when The-Dream released his 2011 mixtape, with no label support at the time, Terius Nash: 1977, he said, "Creativity! My own time my own way. Just me and spat my engineer at the time. No label at All! Perfect." As the story goes, Dream was frustrated with Def Jam because they were holding up his intended project Love IV MMXII. Instead of waiting for their green light, Dream recorded a new project, Terius Nash 1977, and released it for free despite his labels objections. The album would later be packaged and released for retail in 2012.

There's no word yet on where The-Dream or his label, Radio Killa, will land. 

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