It's funny how much my ears gravitate to tracks that don't sound like anyone else.  I've been wired that way as long as I can remember. Like, there's definitely a lot of producers who you can tell are trying really hard to hash out that artist defining sound. Unfortunately, there's even more out there getting mad love from the festivals, blogs, press, etc and seem to relish in the fact their sound is stale and possibly even be severely outdated.  Seems like the real goal should be carving out your own niche in the sound design world and do everything possible to make sure your music isn't disposable.

The Midwest duo, The Al Gore Rhythm Method (TAGRM), is one of those acts I've been championing for pushing something that's definitely 100% them.  Basically, you can press play on any of their tunes and immediately know it's them...assuming you're familiar with their sound.  Lucky for the uninitiated out there, DAD has locked down the premiere of their latest EP, Chumps.  This two-track monster feels like a bit of a culmination of sorts for them.  A culmination in the way that they locked in on coming up with that TAGRM sound in 2013 and this is a huge flex on them getting it all figured out.  The title cut is a midtempo banger that's as intense as anything they've ever made.  Built on a hip-hop vibe quickly escalates into the biggest and baddest 100 bpm/twerk/glitch-hop esque cross polination I think I've heard so far.  "Cool Intentions" is ridiculous as well, chocked full of creative ideas and breakneck rage face. "Chumps" is the cut, though. I feel like this could be the one tune that these dudes needed for complete liftoff.