New tunage that duo outta Buffalo, SwaggleRock. These guys are taking it up a notch by including more original productions in the frenetic pace of their output. This track is not necessarily going to blow the roof off of what we expect from 100BPM twerk music, but it's a well-produced piece of work that outshines 90% of what people are putting out in what is fast becoming an over-saturated genre. I could be the 100th person on this site to write that these guys will blow up but what would be the point. You should know that already. I will say that I have personally DJed with the fellas and they are really great. Unlike a lot of cats who make music, they are obviously very experienced DJs. They have a shitload of DJ weapons that you'll only hear if you see them play live, and they know how to DJ to a crowd. It's very much worth your while to see them. You'll probably get a lot more chances to see them this year, I can guarantee.