First thing that hit me as I was previewing this freshly released EP from Milwaukee's Strehlow is that this doesn't sound like twerk.  Like, somebody actually took this 100BPM thing and made some club-ready instrumental hip-hop influenced bangers instead of rehashing worn out ideas.  It's all still here: same tempo,  808 driven percussion, recognizable samples.  But nothing about this EP feels tired or even part of some trend.  In fact, it feels incredibly refreshing.  All four cuts are tight and useful, especially if you're getting a lot out of this tempo currently in your DJ sets.  Standouts are definitely the title cut and the last tune, "Lord."  And Gold Velour, the Midwest rooted label behind this release...we'll be teaming up with them for something special on another release next week.  Keep it locked.  Or one hunnid.  However you do.