We hate to be all "what happened to the Stafford Brothers?," but for the Austrtalian EDM duo that's signed to Cash Money, we're surprised that the only semblance of American support was this video "Hello," which featured Lil Wayne and didn't seem to do much for them in regards to Stafford Brothers getting nationwide EDM love. Oddly enough, what seems to have come from this video is a new lawsuit, which apparently alleges that the Studio City, Los Angeles home they were rented was damaged when the duo "hosted multiple unlicensed parties, illegally served alcohol, installed a skate ramp in the backyard, poured liquid nitrogen all over the floor," although our favorite allegation is that they "gave a wild kangaroo free reign of the house."

Now we remember that the "Hello" video included a live kangaroo, and the whole treatment for the clip was set a an insane house party, but we have to wonder: did the people renting the place make these claims after seeing the video, or had the kangaroo had some time pre/post video to roam around, causing all kinds of ruckus during it's "free reign?"