Mixtape: Blockbuster Two
Producer: Unknown

New track from Stacks, off of 1Hunnit’s Blockbuster Two. We really don’t really know much about Stacks what with his Google un-friendly name, but he starts this off with your standard trap raps about illegal activities with a touch of autotune, the requisite adlibs, and catchy hook about drugs. He lays the foundation for an acceptable rap song in 2014. Once you got that, just line up a couple of features and boom, you’re fucking done. Stacks accents his lines with hi pitches and it’s all held together with autotune in line with the current crop of rappers in Atlanta.

Then Young Thug comes in to lace it with his taqueria Spanish and repetitions. Afterwards, he tags Peewee Longway in for the last verse and it’s over with. The match up of Thug and Peewee is reliable. Longway is like a more subdued version of Thug, less spazzy with his raps, but he doesn’t play it too safe with his voice either. The two of them became official when they fucking crushed that intro on Gucci Mane's Lean tape so hard. When you hear Thug hitting his fist as his verse climaxes? Mane, hold up, that shit is perfect. On "36," Thug does his raps with stretches and sprints. It’s like words get stretched out, repeated, cut off, sped up, pitched as needed, based on how ever he feels in the moment. Pee Wee’s verse is more like bursts, broken up with moments to catch a breath, but really it’s to hit you with fake karate adlibs and his own voice through a loudspeaker, hyping himself up. The two of them are doing whatever the hell they want, to the point that Stacks sounds like he’s doing a hook the entire time, providing a backdrop for these guys.

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