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SoundCloud is a wonderful resource for music when it's properly working.  It's the easiest way for artists to get their music heard immediately, and has become the industry standard for every musician that knows how to use the internet.  Fans can comment and share effortlessly from their phone or computer, and downloads are relatively fast.  But it's been spotty since the "classic" view was taken from us, and has been completely unreliable for the past few days.

Until we have an alternate standard for SoundCloud (or they get their shit together), we're all going to suffer as one dysfunctional family when there is a glitch in the matrix.  As writers, we're pushing back premieres and punching inanimate objects when there are issues, but we aren't the only ones that feel this pain. Artists and fans are affected as well, and there's only one thing to do when something isn't going as you wish: complain about it. We took a moment to round up a handful of artists and industry professionals complaining about SoundCloud just to remind you that you aren't alone.