So, trap music is dead. Maybe it never lived in the first place. Maybe, what we meant to say was, "run the track," in an attempt to get asses shaking on the dance floor. Maybe we got a little confused, and the "trap" wasn't really a good idea in the first place. I mean, a bunch of white people with booties out on the dance floor does not a trap house party make.

The point we have been trying to make is that you need to just support dance music. There is more to all this than big room vs. unique sound or any other never-ending genre argument.s We love this electronic music, and we want to keep it fresh and new and not all sounding the same. It is why we can get down with dirty south trap music, deep house, and experimental progressive next level shit all in the same breath.

I know that DAD already knows this, but as something of a newcomer to our staff, there are things I am realizing day by day. The thing that has most recently come to my attention, as you can see in recent reviews, is that twerk music is the new trap and trap was the new dubstep and so on and so forth. I know I am late to the game on this.

How can a dance be a type of music, you ask? Easy. It is fucking dance music. That is what we do. We forget that the world is a fucked up place and we get in the dark under the lights and we shake what our momma gave us. Or we go to a dark basement and turn on a strobe light and groove to dirty dutch sounds.

Sometimes, we put that shit together in a dirty dutch twerk package that sounds like The Partysquad's "Oh My." Keys N Krates' "Dum Dee Dum" last summer, and with some of the other faster-tempo tracks, represent this new wave of twerk music that is really just sick as fuck. Ass clapping nonsense that will have everyone moving, with trap beats and so much fill that all you see is butt cheeks jiggling as you listen.

Two artists out of Amsterdam, Snelle Jelles and CMC$ (see me counting stacks), reworked the fine-ass fun bomb and recently released it for free download. That drop? Fucking kills.