When the Vengaboys' "We Like To Party" was released, I was just a freshman in college. Conga-like Vengabuses would snake their way around the fraternity house dance floors to its funky horn melody and catchy vocals. I had no clue about dance music then, and didn't know the Dutch producers Vengaboys had any relevance in the dance music scene. Maybe they didn't. The Dutch were making banging dance music with mass appeal since the dawn of dance music production. It seems that nothing is insignificant in the study of this scene's evolution, and Showtek proved that with their release of "We Like To Party."

For his edit of "We Like to Party," Victor Niglio took remnants of the classic to produce this track, giving it big room sound. The sound is certainly big enough for the largest rooms, and even bangs at festivals worldwide. His edit of "We Like to Party" is massively complex, adding more pieces of the original track. The drops, the beat, and the rhythm are huge, creating a sound that is way to big for my bedroom. There is a deep synth playing out the original melody that simply isn't meant for any room. This track should be played outside for thousands of people. Like many of his others, this track is sure to be a favorite for live sets of many around the world.