Take a couple of steps back with us so we can bring you to the present. One of the most important drum & bass producers, ever, is Lemon D, AKA Lemonde. You should know him for his material for Metalheadz (if you own a copy of Platinum Breakz, you should remember "This Is L.A."), but many will know of his work with Dillinja, helping push their sound under the Valve Recordings imprint (which spawned a number of sub-labels and their own massive sound system). In recent years, he went from reverting back to his original alias, Lemonde, to using his given name and becoming K-aze, and exploring numerous forms of bass music, R&B, house, and other sounds. Really, just an all-encompassing thing. He recently hit me to let me know that he was embarking on a new project and imprint, All Roads, which perfect encapsulates the area he was moving within over a year ago.

The first release on All Roads is from Shawn T and K-aze; Shawn T is a producer from the UK (Birmingham) who has been producing everything from grime to jungle over the last four years. We imagine K-aze saw his potential, took him under his wing, and now has Shawn flourishing as the debut artist for All Roads. This seven-track EP, Country Livin', features K-aze on every track, and is a beautiful excursion into the sounds of juke, footwork, and other bouncy bass music sounds. While this preview is just under 10 minutes, you get a great idea for how these two are doing it.

This EP is already getting love from the TEKLIFE crew (including DJ Earl and DJ Spinn), Om Unit, and Addison Groove, with a release date of February 17 (although "Big Poppa" will be given away as a freebie on January 27).