Last week, we told you about the harassment lawsuit that an unnamed woman filed against Light Nightclub's VP of entertainment, a fellow who goes by "Moose Diesel." We got a chance to read the document, and it's pretty damaging (and very deplorable). While there's no word on how they plan on proving all of this, The Light Group (the company that runs Light Nightclub) owners were not named in that lawsuit.

A week later, a new lawsuit hits, and things are getting very disturbing.

Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that this new lawsuit was filed by Donald Campbell, who filed the Moose Diesel lawsuit, and features another unnamed former employee. This suit specifically calls out Andrew Sasson, aka one of the Light Group owners, with claims of harassment that mirror many points from the Moose Diesel lawsuit. The allegations of being forced to drink and do drugs with the higher-ranking employees ring straight from the last suit, but this particular passage is awful:

"Sasson immediately started screaming and cussing at Plaintiff for spilling tequila on his shoes,” it said. “He then threatened to have Plaintiff disciplined and terminated if she did not drink the rest of the bottle of tequila. After making this threat, Sasson pulled Plaintiff’s hair and jerked her head over the back of the booth so he could shove the bottle of tequila into her mouth. He then dumped the contents of the tequila bottle in Plaintiff’s mouth and all over her person. In doing so, Sasson pulled her hair so hard that he ripped a patch of Plaintiff’s hair out of her head and caused Plaintiff immense physical pain."

If we were questioning what MGM Resorts International would be doing with The Light Group based on that Moose Diesel suit, we have to assume that Light's in even MORE hot water due to what Sasson is alleged to have been doing with and to his employees. Not surprisingly, Light's legal counsel was quick to speak out on this: "The two lawsuits are completely separate. As for the one that names Mr. Sasson, we strongly contest the allegations and we will vigorously defend Andrew in court."

One interesting thing the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated was that after they ran the first story, they received numerous calls and emails from individuals who said they were former Light Group employees, basically confirming that these allegations held water. The question is now: will more lawsuits emerge? Will Light have to answer to these allegations? And assuming these allegations are true, will MGM stand for this?