I'm a bit older than your average partygoer, and remember fondly as every hipster club that you stepped foot in was dropping baile funk records into their sets nearly a decade ago.  Paul Devro and Disco D were huge reasons for this, as they were both bringing their own dance flavor to these beautiful Portuguese vocals.  But besides holdouts like Comrade, the American market has all but forgotten the sounds of Brazil until recently.

Sango is helping in reviving these favela sounds, flipping traditional baile vibes into trap tunes with that cali beat styling, and the results are absolutely inspiring. This amazing release is being offered up for just a dollar, a small price to pay for such a beautiful project.  Sampling Outkast on "Fevereiro" and Aaliyah on "Baile Somebody" is enough for us to grin, but after everything is said and done, Da Rocinha Volume 2 might make our list as one of the best of 2014.  The first edition is available via Soulection for free as well right here if you're looking to double down.