There is something inspirational in electro tracks, a beat that pounds deep into the soul and power vocals that chant the words you have been too afraid to say or feel. But you find yourself singing along and clapping to the beat, counting with the buildup as it gets quicker, releasing a fuckton of pent up emotions in each drop. A solid electro track is one that takes you through that process, it's jampacked with feels.

Perfectly titled to be remixed is "Free" by Rudimental featuring Emile Sande. Cash Cash got together with Gazzo to rework the softer original, kicking this track up a notch the way both of these artists have in the past. Emile Sande's voice is perfect for the chopped, speedy drop of a chorus. It is a really upbeat tune. I recommend this motivational track for your workout playlist. Resolutions, anyone?