The 56th Annual Grammy Awards went down last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis cleaned up. Macklemore was nominated for a total of seven awards and ended up winning four. Not only did he win Best New Artist, he also won Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Album. Meanwhile, rap's golden boy Kendrick Lamar—who was also nominated for seven awards, including Best Rap Album—was shut out and went home empty-handed. 

Although Macklemore beating Kendrick really pissed some hip-hop fans off (including actor and director Michael Rapaport) and left Macklemore apologizing to Kendrick via text, cynical rap fans probably saw this coming all along. The Grammys have been snubbing hip-hop for years and years, so this was no surprise.

However, the only thing worse than looking back at all the times the Grammys have snubbed hip-hop in general is looking at all the time they snubbed certain artists specifically. There are a ton of great rap artists who have never won a single Grammy throughout their illustrious careers. Lucky for them, they get to join a list of famous musicians like Jimi HendrixDiana Ross, and Bob Marley who never won a Grammy in their lifetimes either. So we hope Macklemore enjoys his Grammys, because here's a list of great rappers who have never won a single Grammy. 

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