Mixtape: Shark Season 2
Producer: JP Did This One

Pooh Gutta dropped Shark Season 2 almost two-and-a-half years after Shark Season 1, and the east Cleveland rapper filled it with plenty of songs about strippers, money, and partying. I’m going with "We Got Them" as a Deep Cut because it has that hip-hop sensibility that makes old white men hate rap music, and you know what? Fuck them hoe-ass dudes. This tape isn’t really trying to appeal to the GOP with a tracklisting that includes titles like "Bad Bitches & Real Niggas," "Fuck These Hoes," and "Squat On the Dick."

As great a title as "Squat On the Dick" is, the hook lacks in the turn-up department. "We Got Them," though, gets hype. Almost to the point that it borders on becoming a fight song, with all the "HOOOEESS" being yelled in the background. And as rap is desperate for some fight music right now, I welcome this with both elbows. Personally, I’d like to see the chanting extended throughout the entire beat, but that’s just because I’m a fan of the use of the Beastie Boy’s "The New Style" chant being worked into as many rap songs as possible. There really hasn’t ever been a shitty song that used that chant. They flipped "OOOhhhs" to "HOOOES," and it works to make this the best track on a tape that has a few too many joints laced with slow-ass R&B and Machine Gun Kelly verses from 2011 (there's only one, but that's too many). A video for "We Got Them" actually dropped in September, but it doesn’t look like it got much play, even with all the strippers in it.

The tape kind of has two personalities, but the harder joints go hard. And you can always just go with the song titles to know which are the best songs on it. That's pretty much one of the best rules of listening to mixtapes. It’s not 100 percent, but it’s a good guideline.