Album: Aquemini
Trend It Predicted: Merging of Country and Rap Music
Modern Examples: Florida-Georgia Line f/ Nelly "Cruise (Remix)," Mike WiLL Made It f/ Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa "23," Colt Ford f/ Jason Aldean "Drivin' Around Song"

Before Miley Cyrus made it her personal business to merge country and rap values on Bangerz, and Nashville singer-songwriters scored chart hits with raps on them, country and rap didn’t mix like yay and lukewarm water. OutKast tried to bridge the gap with the Aquemini single “Rosa Parks,” which flipped a reference to the titular civil rights pioneer into a club banger (that got them into a bit of trouble when her people heard it).

The song takes a sharp turn out of its bedrock of funky acoustic guitar laced boom-bap after the second verse, when most of the beat drops out, replaced by clapping, feet-stomping, hooting, hollering, and a harmonica solo.

There hadn’t been a hoedown in a rap song before "Rosa Parks," but country and hip-hop artists like Bubba Sparxx, Colt Ford, Nelly, Florida-Georgia Line and Tim McGraw made sure it wouldn’t be the last. Sparkxx and Timbaland crafted one of the great country-rap fusion albums in 2001's Deliverance, while Nelly has worked with a number of country singers over the years.

More recently, popular country artists like Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, and others have openly embraced rap artists and hip-hop values in a way that just didn't seem possible a decade prior.