Washington, D.C. rapper Oochie is a member of Fat Trel's Slutty Boys crew. He dropped the first Dewprint tape back in 2012, which featured highlight "Quarles Street Shawdy." The style of music he makes fits in well with the Atlanta diaspora raps that have taken hold in cities like Chicago: gritty, narrow in worldview, street-oriented, with a production style that's evolved from beats used by artists like Rocko, Gucci, and Jeezy in the late 00s. The producers here (Young Clip, Loso, 2 Tall, and more), though, have found their own approach, experimenting with drum patterns and EFX.

Oochie latest tape, Dewprint 2, is sounding stronger than the first on one listen; of particular note is the whirlwind "Willie Beamer," the swaggering Fat Trel feature "Jesus," the oddball "Geechi as Fuck," and the hypnotic standout that closes the tape with a flurry of autobiographical double-time bars, "Quarles Money." 

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