Nardwuar recently interviewed Diplo at the Contact Winter Music Festival. Naturally, the Vancouver native made sure the producer shouted out his hometown, and particularly, its ties to Baauer's "Harlem Shake." As Diplo explained, Baauer's music made its way to Diplo through Matt ExYouth of the Vancouver group Expendable Youth.

Nardwuar also made sure to talk about Diplo's origins and his Florida influences, particularly from the Miami Bass scene. The two also talked about M.I.A., including her pre-show dietary habits and the making of her hit song "Paper Planes." According to Diplo, The Clash has been grateful for the money they've received in being sampled for that song, and they once gave him a generous Christmas gift basket.

Nardwuar also asked about Diplo's experience racing the Cornell track team. Needless to say, he lost, but it makes for a good story. And the interview ends with the traditional Nardwuar closing, but with a twist. You'll have to stay for the whole thing.

[via P&P]

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