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Wu-Tang is forever. Or, more accurately: Wu-Tang feels like forever. They’re all over the map, even when everyone’s in the same room, something that’s increasingly a rarity: Ghostface is doing couples therapy; RZA is directing; GZA is fixing New York City’s science education. It can be frustrating. A New Tomorrow had originally been timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of 36 Chambers, but they missed that deadline. (RZA said, at that point, the album was at least “six weeks away,” even though he hadn’t gotten any vocals from Raekwon. He also hinted that it could be the group’s last project together. He’s 44.)

Still: We have high hopes. It's been years since Method Man sounded so urgent as he does on A$AP Nast’s recent “Trillmatic,” far bettering the kid twenty years his youth. We expect similar from the others, if and when this finally sees the light of day. The '90s are back, and it wouldn’t be the same without Wu. —Jeff Rosenthal 

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