Label: Cash Money

Recording a rap sequel isn't always a good idea. For every Tha Carter II, there's a The Blueprint 2. But in Busta's case, he needs to do something to recapture the fiery approach to rapping that he had at the start of his career. Because his latest couple of projects, including 2009's Back on My B.S. and 2012's Year of the Dragon, have been scattershot and, at times, lifeless.

So on E.L.E. 2, he's going to attempt to revert back into the Busta of old—the one who made you sit up and pay attention to him. And that shouldn't be too difficult, considering that he's already enlisted everyone from Pharrell and DJ Premier to Q-Tip and Lil Wayne to help him. Plus his single "Thank You" is pretty excellent. Busta should sound every bit as passionate on his tenth album as he did back on his third one. —Chris Yuscavage 

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