Action Bronson might not be a household name across the U.S. yet, but he has the potential to be. Bronsolino made headlines earlier this year for body slamming fans at shows (a phenomenon that, oddly enough, people started volunteering for after a while) as well as christening elderly women at a UK nursing home. But aside from his hilarious online antics and the food porn on his Instagram, there’s no denying that Bronson can deliver musically. Bronson dropped two projects in 2013, his EP Saab Stories and collaborative mixtape with Party Supplies, Blue Chips 2—both critically acclaimed. Bronson’s storytelling raps, old school flow, and soulful production choices have made the anticipation for his major label debut album very real.

The Queens rapper has already confirmed Kool G Rap and Mobb Deep for his project and we’ll very likely see other New York names and current chart toppers on his album. Bronson’s lyrical ability is what’s kept him as a force in rap music, but his talent in balancing the old and new is what has helped him stand out. He’s already got two sold out shows in New York for the new year. And more, for sure, on tap. —Elva Aguilar