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I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but I do think it's funny that the last 17-year-old EDM star from the Netherlands, Martin Garrix, is helping push out an emerging 17-year-old EDM producer from the Netherlands, Oliver Heldens, by giving him a remix of his massive hit, "Animals." With Garrix set to make his U.S. debut in a few short weeks, someone has to hold it down for the Dutch massive, and Heldens seems to be the guy. He matches the tracks in-your-face appeal, but instead of going ham on the electro house, he takes things a bit deeper, adding some solid melodies that make it easy to see why Heldens might be a problem. He's coming off of a single for Musical Freedom ("Gecko"), and spent 2013 putting out bits on Cr2, Oxygen, and Wooha!, so maybe 2014 is the year he'll see his stock rise while Garrix is out getting fresh for us Americans. You can grab this remix (along with other reworks of "Animals") via Spinnin' today.

(Dancing Astronaut)