Lil Bibby has become one of the hottest acts out of Chicago almost overnight with his Free Crack mixtape garnering rave reviews and timely cosigns by artists such as Drake.

He stopped by Sway's morning show where he speaks about his whirlwind success in the past few months and his thoughts on the cities he's visited such as Atlanta, where he adores the women with big backsides and Los Angeles where the Chiraq native is put off by the "nice" people and smiles.

The 19-year old Bibby explains that he likes travelling because he isn't under the pressure of having to watch his back like he does in his hometown, explaining the hopelessness of other teens his age, even saying that school is "a waste of time" to most of them.

Lil Bibby also gives Sway a freestyle showing that his wisdom extends to his rhymes as well. Free Crack is out now. 

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