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If Vegas is the new EDM mecca, LIGHT was one of the shining beacons in 2013. It sprung up rather quickly, adding Skrillex, Zedd, Baauer, and the fucking Cirque de Soleil to their lineup super early. Throughout 2013, they made sure to book some of the finest acts, and attempted to give patrons some of the best in atmosphere, but based on this new lawsuit, Light's VIP of entertainment, Mustafa Abdi (aka Moose Diesel), could bring a lot of that to a halt.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court which states that the plaintiff, who is only listed as a Jane Doe, "alleges she was the victim of sexual harassment after applying for a job as a table hostess at Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay hotel-casino in January 2013." Well, the charges, when listed completely, paint an even darker picture: "rampant sexual harassment, drug use on the property, assault, battery, creating a hostile work environment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, attempted workplace intimidation." She was apparently told about the previous rep that The Light Group has built over the years, but with Cirque de Soleil and MGM being involved, she was lead to believe that this would be a different situation.

From her claims, it might be the same ol story.

The interesting part is that it's only Moose Diesel that's named as a defendant; neither Andrew Sasson, Andy Masi, or the Morgans Hotel Group (aka the owners of The Light Group) were named in the suit. That could mean one huge thing: Moose Diesel might need to start searching the want ads. Think about it: MGM Grand is a part of this, and Light has been a part of Vegas' EDM shine in the last year. With EDM (excuse us, EMC) continuing to soar, there are boatloads of cash to be made. If Moose Diesel is seen as the only cog in this wheel that needs to be replaced, they might end up chucking him out. As of right now, that's just DAD speculation, especially with the Light Group's attorney not commenting on this right now, but if the plaintiff's claims check out, Moose might be out...

We'll keep you posted on further details with this developing story.

UPDATE We've received a copy of the allegations against The Light Group, Light Nightclub, Club Jungle Management, and Light's VP of Entertainment, Moose Diesel, and it's awful. If what is being alleged is true, we can see why the plaintiff was left in tears (repeatedly) and we applaud her for speaking out.

This might be one of the more hostile work environment situations we've ever read about, and for Light to continue this practice, and even deem that employees keep what goes on in the club in the club is frightening. In reading over these documents, it looks as if Moose Diesel wanting to get the plaintiff in bed. It details everything from being instructed to drink alcohol and take drugs with high-level employees (like Abdi and Sasson) while on the clock to the numerous sexual advances that Abdi is alleged to have made towards the plaintiff. This went from vulgar remarks and repeated suggestions for the plaintiff to touch Abdi's genitals to forced touching of his genitals to an incident in a Light green room where Moose Diesel "forcibly attempted to perform oral sex" on the plaintiff... among other acts.

This is disgusting, and again we applaud the plaintiff (who is remaining anonymous out of fear) for documenting this. If The Light Group is tolerating this kind of work environment, where their employees are forced to engage in acts just to "get ahead" (and implored to not speak on what goes on or have their hours slashed or be fired) is heinous, and should drive many to not patronize Light. Condoning that puts a black eye onto the EDM scene as a whole, especially in a city like Las Vegas, which has gotten loads of press (and money) over the last few years due to the EDM boom.

As per usual, we'll keep you posted.

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